Custom Home Builder

At MJ Nardone we specialize in the building, renovation and remodeling of Custom Homes on Cape Cod.

In recent years we have undertaken several new construction projects building custom homes from the ground up. Some of these have been tear-downs - where an older existing home is located in a prime location and the owner opts to pull it down and start again. We have access to the finest materials and the craftsmanship on our team to produce the best results.

Some projects have been located in historic districts and so the materials used and the style have to fit in with the surrounding homes, and we know how to take care of that. In every case, we strive to use modern efficient building techniques to maintain energy efficiency and maximize available space. All our staff and sub-contractors are fully licensed and insured and we'll make sure we have experts on hand at every stage of the project to keep it on track and within budget.

We take care of all the permits required and follow all relevant state and town building regulations. Call for an appointment and schedule your free estimate. We will work with your architect, or quote on your existing design drawings. But we also have our own close relationship with a local architect who shares office space with us.