Home Addition Contractor

At MJ Nardone Building and Remodeling, one of the best Cape Cod home addition contractor, we have plenty of experience with building home additions, large and small. Extending your current home makes a great deal of sense when compared with the cost of moving to a larger home. Not only do you get to keep all your neighbors and your favorite yard, not to mention the work you’ve already done on your home so far, but you have an opportunity to add just the space you want in the configuration that suits you best. It’s like building a new home with all the opportunities included, but all the advantages of staying home.

Permits and Planning

Please call for advice on your project and discuss what you have in mind. We’ll┬ávisit the site with you and we can determine what the local authority will need from us to complete the job, and we will of course handle all the paperwork. As one of the best Cape Cod home addition contractor, we’ve done it before! The toughest part of this kind of project is often the planning, working with electrical and plumbing contractors, and then sheetrock and roofing subcontractors to work their schedules with the carpentry and then to schedule building inspections at the right time to keep the job moving along as fast and efficiently as possible. Once again, don’t worry we are experts in this process and we’ll make sure everything goes according to plan as much as possible.

We quote and execute the complete job, or subcontract to your builder for part of the project, depending on your needs. If you’re just renovating part of your space, sometimes this doesn’t require permits. We can advise you and work out the best way to build to your requirements. Come to us with your dreams and visions, and we will work to make them come true!